• Murukan and Theruvoram

    Murukan S Theruvoram, Kochi, India

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Theruvoram is an NGO founded by Murukan S Theruvoram, a social worker, for the rehabilitation of street people in Kochi, India. The objective of the institution is to provide full time (24 hrs*7days) help to street people. Theruvoram NGO is the first NGO to be emerged from the street for the street. The organisation aims to reach out to the most marginalised in Kochi and provide interventions to shelter, medical, repatriation, rescue, death related, emotional support and guidance. The charity organisation is actively working in 17 districts of Kerala in India to save the lives of street people. The NGO has a partnership with the Kerala government and has rescued, rehabilitated and helped more than 9,000 children to date. For his work, Murugan had received the National Award for Child Welfare in 2011 and Amazing Indians Award in 2015.