Banyuwangi Underwater

Bansring Underwater (Banyuwangi). Java
Nature tourism based on coral reef conservation.

Sustainable tourism is carried out as a form of increasing community economic growth. Banyuwangi is currently one of the tourist destinations, facing the same problem shifting cultural, social, and environmental wisdom. Ecotourism is then considered as an alternative policy that can be used as a solution to this problem. Using a qualitative approach, this research was conducted with the aim of formulating sustainable ecotourism cultural values that will support the successful development of tourism in Banyuwangi, specifically Bangsring Underwater. With this, it is expected to be a guideline for local governments in developing policies in the field of sustainable tourism to strengthen economic independence in the region.


Client: GlaxoSmithKline Panadol
Agency: Grey/Hogarth Singapore
Production Co: Mooi Singapore