‘Dyspraxia, my hidden Superpower' - trailer

motion & edit

'Dyspraxia, My Hidden Superpower' is a new Documentary film dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding of the condition, Dyspraxia (DCD). In the film, we see through the eyes of three very different people what life is like if you are born with Dyspraxia. 

Developmental Dyspraxia (as it is known in New Zealand) or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), is a common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting the process of ideation, motor planning, and execution. It may affect any or all areas of development in children and adults. It is inconsistent, and affects each person in different ways, at different stages of development, and to different degrees. This disorder is life-long and is recognised by international organisations, including the World Health Organisation.

It is a hidden disability as, under normal circumstances, people with Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD may appear no different from their peers. Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD occurs across the range of intellectual abilities. There may be changes over time, depending on environmental demand and life experience. Diagnosis can only be made by an appropriate professional.

Production Company: Distorted Features