Shaun Pettigrew is an awarded documentary filmmaker, editor, and cinematographer based in Auckland, New Zealand offering a seamless motion and photography service to clients, tv production companies, and the online advertising industry.

Shaun continues to keep the narrative at the heart of his work, focusing on a documentary style and interests in people and community to International and local causes. His range of work covers music documentaries, portraiture, all live-action, interview, and corporate communications. He is an adept cinematographer and editor known for his impactful reportage style of street photography capturing raw human emotion producing touching films through relationally authentic storytelling that delivers award-winning work for his clients. Recent projects and online branded stories for New Zealand’s ‘Rural Support’ Trust, IBM Global Services and Orlando Beltrán and El Banquete del Bronx for GlaxoSmithKline. 

Recognition for his documentary and film work includes the Vienna Short Film Festival Awards and the New Zealand International Film Awards. Official selections include the prestigious British & Dutch Film Institutes, Avant Art Festival, Braunschweig International Film Festival, Cinecity Film Festival, Indielisboa Film Festival, Rokumentti Film Festival, Sensoria Film Festival, L'Etrange Festival, In-Edit, the International Sheffield Film Festival, and New Zealand International Film Festival.